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Website Critique

Our website critique service offers an in-depth look at your website by experts for a low rate. Price is $250. We perform an analysis of your website using developer tools to measure speed, usability, responsiveness and more. We will identify road blocks and hurdles to your websites success and share our findings with you in a phone call. The entire process takes about 2-3 hours after which you will have a report to share with your team for implementation. If you would like us to assist with implementation and repairs you can simply purchase a time bucket. You can also combine our SEO Site Assessment service and our Website Critique service into one package for $575 ($650 value).

Website Makeover

Re-designing your website is a good idea if your site is old. Your website must be responsive to all devices and display properly on mobile. In 2017, figures suggest that more than 90 percent of internet users will access online content through their phones. Re-design of your website may be necessary if you are not currently visible for your key terms and / or business name in search engines such as Google and Bing.

We work differently than traditional design firms. See How We Work.

Web Design

Each web design and website development project is treated as an individual project with the preparation of a detailed and professional design document for planning. From assigning a dedicated team to work on the various elements of the project to making sure the look and feel is right for your branding style all the way to the official launch of the website on time and on budget, we ensure that individual care and expertise is given to each phase of your custom web design project. We work differently than traditional design firms. See How We Work.

SEO Services

SEO Site Assessment

Priced at a low one time rate of only $400 the SEO Site Assessment service provided by Scott Web Media is designed to give new clients a critique of their website, identifying areas where improvements can and must be made. The SEO Site Assessment is often all is needed for smaller sites to get a boost in rankings and sales. Often, minor adjustments to site architecture, content and head tags will make all the difference.

Full SEO Service

The cost of the Best Practices Full SEO service is negotiated based upon project complexity and starts at $2,600. We spend at least 40 hours of our time on a Full SEO project. Our search engine optimization best practices Full SEO Service has been employed to address a myriad of organic (natural) search engine optimization problems. Ideal for eCommerce sites with many pages and websites in an industry with a lot of competition such as law or medicine. We work differently than traditional SEO firms. See How We Work.


Often clients have in-house webmaster staff or an external web team managing their website but need some external expertise from an ethical and competent search engine marketing expert to improve performance. In other situations, we provide "retainer" style SEO consulting where we follow your team's work and provide recommendations based on our findings on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.
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What our clients say

“Chris and I go back many years. He’s a dedicated professional who puts customer satisfaction as a top priority. Recently, he overhauled our website mdsyncnet.com. Please take a look at the high-quality web development and it’s tightly integrated Search Engine Optimization which meets and beats the latest in best practices.”



Brad Goldsmith

“When we decided to set up our free technical analysis exchange traded fund business, we were worried.  There is a lot of competition in the online trading world and consumers are crushed with investment advisors claiming to have the best investments.  With Chris’ help we established a website that was different from the competition, successfully got our trend following message across and has been a significant profit driver for our firm.  We couldn’t be happier with Chris and his firm Scott Web Media.”

ETF Momentum Investing

ETF Momentum Investing

ETF Momentum Investing

Web Design and SEO
“Chris has done all of our web site development and is absolutely incredible. I have gotten so many hits off one web site that it has almost become annoying. He has a gift. You would be lucky to have him on your side.”

Barkers Mastiffs

Barkers Mastiffs


Web Design and SEO
“Chris has done a great job designing our website and implementing a killer SEO program. He is easy to work with and very knowledgeable in his field. Overall, I would highly recommend Chris and Scott Web Media!”

Walton Dental

Walton Dental

Matthew W.

SEO for Ecommerce.
“Saved me thousands. Best investment I ever made. Brilliant. Mr. Scott has surpassed everyone we have ever used. By far the most impressive results ever experienced. He is undoubtedly the “Wizard” of the internet. I strongly recommend him.”

Two Fat Guys

Two Fat Guys

Smokey - Two Fat Guys

Our projects

Cash King Indiana

Our facts


Our skills

Small sampling of our skills. We are a highly skilled small team with the experience needed to set your goals to task. The Scott Web Media team is comprised of professionals from all corners of the Web including web engineering and programming, sales and marketing, business development, new media and online creative. Most Important Strengths and Core Competencies: 1. Employees are Internet professionals with at least 12+ years of industry experience. Experience runs the full life-cycle of Internet development. 2. Scott Web Media has a broad understanding of how technology, knowledge management, and marketing communications can be utilized to not only deliver high value services at the point of need but reduce costs through automation and improve efficiencies.

Message from our Founder

You need a good web strategy because your website and design simply won’t succeed without proper research, planning, intuitive design, and Internet marketing using search engine best practices that drive customers to your website. Your website needs to be constructed from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Today, smart businesses are placing more of their marketing spend on the web and the services and assistance from a dedicated and experienced SEO Expert webmaster are often required.
Christopher Scott

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